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Save connected database and passwords

Toad x64
Want to save Toad passwords.
In Toad have "Save Passwords" checked (and when I close and reopen Toad, passwords are there).
However as this is Citrix env, when I login to new Citrix session, I loose all saved passwords.
So i tried to save them with:
echo A | xcopy "c:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.3\User Files\CONNECTIONACTIONS.INI" "some location"
echo A | xcopy "c:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.3\User Files\Connections.xml" "some location"
echo A | xcopy /s "c:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.3\User Files\Databases*.*" "some location"
But when returning to same location from "some location" Toad has no saved passwords.
Can you advise me what am I doing wrong and how t save those information.

Connections are encrypted in the Connections.XML file.
When you copy that file from User Files to "Some location" and then look at the file with notepad, are the passwords present in the file?

If so, when you start Toad the 2nd time (after copying the files back), are you logged in as same user? The encryption is tied to the user. So when you log in as a different user, you will lose passwords. A better technique would be to export connections from the login window, and then import again once you are logged in as the other user.

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are you logged in as same user?
We have two nodes so sometimes I go to one node and sometimes I go to another node (Citrix pharm) but user is the same all the time...

Am i copying that, I see in login that on those connections last login date are there (so and database data are copied) but passwords are empty.

Could you think what else can prevent saving passwords.

I know for export/import options but as it sow and as I need only passwords, I do not like use them

If you want to transport passwords between machines or users, you need to use export/import.

That is the only way.

So now beside user and machine is part of hashing algorithm password?

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The only way you might be able to do this without exporting and importing is via a Windows user with a roaming profile (have not verified). In general though password decryption can only happen on the machine where encryption occurred.



today I place %computername% in script logic, so now I can distinct whenever i am connected to any Citrix pharm computer.
So now have for every %computername% one folder backup.
As I am already saving all mentioned files before, I will send info if this will help.

H all,
I have test several days and connected to two nodes.
Saving all data in separate folders (according name of hostname).
So when I logged in again I took folder from the same host folder.
Unfortunately databases are here, even last connected is Ok but saved passwords are not present...not a single one.
Could you post real command to save "\CONNECTIONACTIONS.INI" and "Connections.xml" (the whole path from where I should read it) ...
this maybe would help.
There is mine script code so if you can review code directly??


As I said before, the only way to transport passwords from one machine to another is export/import with a master password.

If somebody could gain access to all of your databases by copying a few files, that would be a security problem for Toad.

Sorry, I know this is inconvenient but this is the way it has to be.


Hi John,
Soimeties it is hard to explain, but I am saving for each maschine data in different forlder. S whenI come to server A I read data from folder A and when I come to server B I read from folder B.
This means that I am easy connecting to the same I know from where to to read data on.

So it acts like I am logedin on the same machine as I took only data save from that server.

And this is not working.

So once again can you place the full path where mentioned two files are placed
Is that so hard or what.
Export setting is not an option in mine case...please accept that and try to answer mine last question.
really appreciated if I can get answer on them

It sounds like you are already copying the correct files (Connections.XML and ConnectionActions.ini), if the last connection is in there.

The location is not the same for everyone, but it is usually
C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.3\User Files

You can verify in Toad Options -> General. User Files is in the folder specified in "Application Data Directory"

After you copy the files, you can look in Connections.XML with notepad. You should see encrypted passwords in there. If you start up Toad using that file, and there is no password, it's because the password was encrypted on a different machine/user.

Ok, let me explain what I have:
I connect with the same user all the time.
In the same citrix session I open Toad, save some passwords, save CONNECTION*.* files to some other side.
Close the Toad
Then I copy those files in a place where you said, open Toad ... all works.
Then I save additional passwords, save again to some other side.
Close the Toad
Then I copy those files in a place where you said, open Toad ... all works-all new passwords are working.

Then I sign out form Citrix.
Logged in again several times until I come to the same server (checking %computername% value).
When i landed to the same server as before, copy the same saved settings as I did before, open Toad and passwords are not visible in Toad.
On file system are there (in Connections.xml file) but Toad do not represent them.
As i do not know what Citrix is ding with mine profile and temp files etc, what else could be changed to influence Toad saved passwords...
Seems that Quest is using something else to make hash ... but cannot see what
Any help!?

So if i was not clear.
When I return data from other location to roaming profile director, check content passwords were there.
When I start Toad, pwds are missing.
When I close Tad, "Connections.xml" do not have any password.
So only one that is clearing password is Toad.

So please tell me what is Toad checking and why is it deleting passwords from Connections.xml, regardless they come from the same user and same server....what else is Toad checking for encrypting password???

I can claim 100% that Toad is doing in behind something nasty!!!

when same operation is done in same citrix session Toad accept copied file and passwords are reusable .

what is file "\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Reactive.Telemetry\Data}machineid.dat" doing?
as I said, when citrix server changes, maybe this one file is wrong (from previous node) and involved in password crypting?

I'm sorry, I can't tell you any more without compromising our security.

can you then at least say if is possible to export/import user settings through automated task (Toad) but through command line, and avoid GUI?