How to run Oracle script ar_trx_analyzer_rq.spl in Toad?

Working with Oracle Support. Need to run script ar_trx_analyzer_rq.sql. in Toad

Could use stepby step instructions
ar_trx_analyzer.sql (520 KB)

Put it in the Editor and hit F5.

There’s nothing wrong with running that in Toad, but if I were you, working on a support case with Oracle, I would run it in SQL*Plus instead. That way Oracle won’t start questioning Toad if the script doesn’t fix whatever problem you are having.


Perhaps the Oracle team should use TOAD :wink:

If they did, they would see several rule violations in the long procedure that was attached!

When oracle create any code (scripts) they test that a lot against many OS-es and many voracle versions in really different possible situations.

When this code pass the test, it get “read only” flag and no one can easy change that file.
primary goal in testing such a code is no bugs and acceptable performance.

This means it will not be changed until there are problems with execution or performance running that script. For that many “tickets” needs to be filled and new testing done again.
This is expensive and Oracle doesn’t do that if not really pushed.

Oracle scripts are certainly not state of the art in programming, but do works and do works with no bugs.And this is only what matters looking from Oracle side.