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How to transfer connections from Toad 9.6 to Toad 13.1

I have an old Toad 9.6 on my PC that runs Windows 7, but since I’ve been working on it for a long time, I have many connections saved there.

I just received a new laptop with Windows 10 where I installed Toad 13.1.

I have tried searching for a way to copy/transfer/move all my connections to the new Toad, but was unsuccessful. I tried coping the whole User Files folder; I tried importing the CONNECTIONS.INI file, I tried to use “Copy User Settings” (from Utilities menu), but I didn’t succeed.

Do any of the great experts here have a suggestion for me?


In Toad 13.1, from the main menu:

Utilities -> Copy User Settings


Thank you John, but can you provide more details please?
Please note that the 2 versions of Toad are on different PCs and coping the CONNECTIONS.INI file from one PC to the other and importing via the "Copy User Settings" didn't work for me.

  1. On your PC with Toad 9.6, follow these steps to identify the correct User Files folder:
    a. Go to Main Menu -> View -> Toad Options.
    b. Along the left side, click Options -> General.
    c. Click the "Open Folder" button on the right. A Windows Explorer window will open.
    d. Close Toad before copying that folder (The User Files folder is the one you want, not Toad 9.6)
  2. Copy the folder to a temporary location on the new PC (say c:\Temp)
  3. In 13.1 on new PC:
    a. Main Menu -> Utilities -> Copy User Settings
    b. Click "Browse" to find the temporary location and (select C:\Temp or wherever you put the user files folder, not the User Files folder itself)

Thank you John, I tried to follow that; however my new pc has so many "User Files" folders that I got a bit lost.
Please note that I can't use in the "Copy User Settings" the "Copy user" option, I have to use the import option, and although I tried it, it didn't bring anything to the connections popup window (after restart of Toad).

in 13.1, you need to use the "Copy User Files" option. I don't think "Import" is what you want here.

If your new PC has too many user files folders, then delete the old ones before you start.

Thank you John, but it didn't work. Not only that it didn't bring any connections, it seem to have not added/copied some of the other files in the 'User Files' folder and caused Toad to crash.
Toad would not work after that, and my best option was to revert to the original 13.1 'User Files' folder that I saved in a different place.

Make sure both versions of TOR are closed while doing this.

  1. Navigate to your TOR 13.1 User Files location and rename any (and all) Connections.ini and Connections.xml files that you find here (Connections.bak.extension is fine).
  2. Navigate to your TOR 9.6 User Files and copy / paste CONNECTIONS.INI into the TOR 13.1 User Files directory.
  3. Load up TOR 13.1 and see if that'll import them correctly.

TOR 9.6 was before my time but there might be a ConnectionsPasswords.ini (could be named slightly different) file that may need to be copied as well. Note, passwords might not carry over either way from that long ago and on different machines.


Thank you Mike. I have copied from TOAD 9.6 3 files:
and put them in the User Files folder of TOAD 13.1. Then restarted TOAD 13.1. Nothing happened.
What does TOR stand for?

Hmm. You also renamed or removed the Connections.xml that was in the 13.1 User Files folder?

TOR = Toad for Oracle :slight_smile:

Follow these steps to find the User Files folder that Toad is actually using:

  1. In Toad, go to Main Menu -> View -> Toad Options.
  2. Go here:
  3. Click the "Open Folder" button on the right. A Windows Explorer window will open.
  4. Close Toad! (We don't want both you and Toad accessing the folder at the same time)
  5. The User Files folder of interest is shown in Explorer

Thank you guys, I was not able to upload the old connections, and since I needed to move on, I just added them manually. Thanks for trying to help.