How to upgrade and keep Project Manager intact?

I want to upgrade from, but it is absolutely critical that my Project Manager queries (both .tsm and .sql) remain instanct. I’ve had them disappear in prior upgrades. How can I keep them intact?

I have also had mixed results with project manager when upgrading. I was not very successful at finding documentation on how prog. mang. should be used so I don’t know if I am using it correctly.

There has been a few ‘hiccups’ in this area in the past. All should be fine when upgrading to TDA 2.7. But here is what you can do to make sure you don’t loose anything and put it straight if anything went wrong.

  1. The project manager is controled by two files - projectmanger.xml and projectmanager.tpf. The default files are located in the modulesettings folder of the application data directory. In your existing TDA go to the about box and press the applicaiton data directory link. Navigate to the modulessettings folder. Make back up copies of these two files.

  2. Open up the projectmanager.xml file. Look for the path in the “currentPMFile” entery. This is the path to the current project manager file (*.tpf) In later versions of TDA you can use a tpf file anywhere on your disk. If the path is same as the xml path, then you know you made the correct copy in step one. If it is a different path, make a copy of that file also.

  3. Install TDA 2.7 and select to migrate the files from your prior version of TDA.

The migration should be ok, but if not, go to the application data dir. Shut down TDA, and then copy in the two files from step one.

All issues in the past had to do with the project manager.xml file not pointing to the correct project file.

Note: Keep in mind that the project file is still in the prior releases location. So both are pointing to the same file. I would not suggest running both TDA versios at the same time as they both would be pointing to the same file and could ‘clobber’ each other.

Let me know if you have any issues. I use the project manaer all the time and would hate to have mine messed up