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Project Manager list gone

I had been using the last beta without issue but since there were some last-minute enhancements made in the official release, I decided to upgrade. The problem is that, when I did, all the projects that were displayed in the Project Manager are now gone and all I see is the “Sample Project”. Can someone give me an idea of what happened to the version of TPF I had prior to upgrading? It looks like it was overwritten (as opposed to being brought over from the beta version).

I think you are saying that when you upgraded to the commerical version the project manager file was not migrated over.

Each TDA has a ProjectManager.xml file that contains the path to the current project manager file and default file. This is located in the ModuleSetings directory of the application data dir. Also located there is the default ProjectManager.tpf file.

I would try looking in the modulesettings dir of your Beta build. The tpf file is probably there. If so you can copy it over or just open up the tpf file from the project manager.

If your last project file was somewhere on the disk and what is missing is the location of that file, this will be a different story. You would need to simple open up that file and then TDA will remember to use that file the next time.

Application Data dir is accessible through the Help About window.


I just upgraded to the 3.4 beta. My project list was wiped. I went to the prior version’s ModuleSettings directory as you suggest. The TPF in there is from about a year ago, not the version I had yesterday before upgrading. Do I have ANY hope of finding the TPF as it was yesterday? I hope so …

Go to the last TDP that had the project manager that you want. In the app data dir\module settings open up the project manager.xml file. Look for the attribute <currentPMFile id =

This will tell you where the project manager file is that is being used. The project file can be anywhere on your disk. It sounds like when you installed the Beta the file was not migrated. Then just edit that attribute to point to that file. (Then back up the tpf file)