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Transfer or keep prior setting to TDA 2.5



Our team just got upgraded to TDA 2.5 from TDA 2.0.

Our objective is to find a way on how to keep/ transfer our previous settings(connections, project manager files…etc). First we were expected to be prompted for saving the prior settings unfortunately it did not happen!!

Some of us still have TDA 2.0 installed, any suggestions on how to recover the old settings.

Thanks for help!!



You should have been prompted to migrate the files from the prior version. Sounds like this didn’t happen or perhaps ‘No don’t migrate’ might have been selected.

If 2.0 is still installed, start it up and go to the About box. It will have a link to the ApplicationData directory. Click on this. These are all of the files you are looking for. Copy all of these files to the same link in 2.5.

The application dir is usually in this path

C:\Documents and Settings%Your name%\Local Settings\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Data Analysts 2.5

One word of caution: Don’t copy over the files with TDA 2.5 running as it will overwrite these files when shutting down. Copy them over when it isn’t running and then start up.

Here’s another thing to watch: The project manager has full paths to the linked files. If any of these files are in the old directory and then you uninstall, you will lose the links. The two files that handle the project manager are …module\settings\ ProjectManager.tpf and …modulesettings\ ProjectManager.xml

If you have any issue with the project manager files just open those two files up and edit the paths.




Thanks for your reply!!

Actually, I just realized that our old version is 2.1 (not 2.0 as I mentioned before, sorry).

However, I am wondering if those methods you indicated still work for TDA 2.1, because I tried to copy all files in the application directory from 2.1 to 2.5, still did not solve the problem.

Any other suggestions??




Please give me an example of what you are observing. IE: The connections from 2.1 are not showing up? The project manager file is not pointing to correct paths? Etc. I can debug individually.



Both the connection and the project manager are not showing in 2.5 after I tried to copy the files of application data of 2.1 to 2.5.

See the attahed doc ‘screen shot’ of what I actually have in 2.1 and hoping to transfer the same oracle connection, projects and automation files …etc to 2.5.


connection and proj manager.doc (167 KB)


Try this:

  1. Open up TDA 2.5.
  2. Go to About box and click the Application Data Directory.
  3. Close TDA leaving the open windows explorer to the Data Dir. (Most important step)
  4. Rename the 2.5 Application Data Directory to something. We want to disable it and trigger the migration code.
  5. Restart 2.5. It should ask you if you want to migrate. Choose 2.1 form the list of available migrations.

This should migrate the connections and project manager.




Still the migration is not working.

Based on your step 4)

Which folder I need to rename? I know that you mentioned to rename 2.5 Application Data Directory to something. I do not see any folder under that name. Please circle the one that you were referring. (see the attached doc)


connection and proj managerv1.doc (297 KB)


Rename the parent directory as shown in screenshot. The migration code is trigger by a registry key AND the fact that this directory is not there.