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Howto deinstall the Installer

It's more a windows than a TOAD problem I think.!
After every update I deinstall the previous version.
But I can't find a solution to deinstall the "Toad for Oracle ... Installer".
In the control panel -> software there are 3 old entries.

Is there a simple solution for?

Hi Ronny,

Those installers may still remain if the installer believes it sees some part of its bundle is still installed on your system (perhaps in the registry). It's possible one of the products within the bundle hadn't fully been uninstalled. One thing you could try is running those installers and performing a repair or reinstall, then uninstall the products from that installer (rather than uninstalling the products individually) and see if that resolves the issue you're seeing.

Let us know if that helps to resolve the issue you're seeing.