I have a problems with an older versions of TOAD!

I run Toad for Oracle, version, need to use a version that supports XML, on a virtual machine running XP. And lately, since after I got a new PC with Win7, I have had problems with Toad. It freezes when I try to look at tables in the schema browser, particularly when its larger tabels or include XML or CLOB/BLOB objects. But also when I run a selects in the editor, although thats often mangeble since I can exclude those colums in my selects.

What I really want is to know where, if there are any, logfiles are located and what name they have.
I guess I have a setup error, something that have changed or I forgot that I tweaked once.
But of course, if someone know the sulotion …

I’m new here, although not new to Toad, SQL and databases!

I don’t know if you have a copy of Toad 9.7, but if you do, there is an option in 9.7 under Options|Data Grid|Data called “Preview CLOB fields”. I think you will have better performance if you can get Toad 9.7 and uncheck that option.

Unfortunately, that option doesn’t exist in Toad 9.0.