I pick the most recently added filter on the bottom of the list, the filter does not change

Good Morning TOAD team,

  I'm using TOAD beta  When I pick the most recently added filter on the bottom of the list, the filter does not change, I'm still using whatever filter I was using before trying to use the new filter.  FYI, I have 17 named filters defined, including the new one.

If I add another named filter, the new one above is accessible, but the newer new filter is not accessible.

 Please fix this bug.

P.S.  Sorry, initially posted in TOAD, not TOAD beta, will delete original next.

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are you talking about in schema browser -> data tab or somewhere else?

Good Afternoon John,

 Yes, sir.  Schema Browser, data tab, saved filters.


Hi Larry,

I just tested this and for me it is working OK.

I just made very simple filters called D1, D2, and D3. When I click each one, including the last, the data shown in the grid is filtered appropriately. Maybe it depends on the specifics of your filter and what you named it? I’ll try again if you provide more details.


Good Afternoon John,

            Thank you for looking into this, but it fixed itself today. 


The bug only occurred when I had enough filters for the scroll arrow to appear on the bottom of the list, lots more than 3 filters, depending
on window size.

Oddly, this bug disappeared on TOAD 13.0 and 13.2 today, without making any change in TOAD. I’m not current OS, Operations controls the build,
and we are stuck on Windows 10 Enterprise version 1709.

            I even doubled the number of filters to see if the bug comes back; no such luck. 


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HI Larry,

If you discover some way to make it come back, let me know and I’ll take care of it.