"Idea Pond" not accepting input.

I’ve tried submitting ideas through the “Idea Pond” and get nothing but errors.

The usability of Toad Data Modeler could be enhanced per the following:

I’m currently using Toad Data Modeler When working with large databases we want to be able to organize the workspaces by schema owner which is very possible with the current version. We need to be able to easily distinguish views, procedures, packages, etc. by the same criteria. As an example, we use the Q$Error Manager package originally developed at Quest. It is very handy. However, we use that in multiple schemas on the same database and reverse engineering the “Physical Model Explorer” does not make the schema owner something that is easily distinguishable. It would be very valuable throughout the Toad Data Modeler product for us to easily separate and navigate objects by schema owner.

Hi Alan,

ideapond issues are being fixed.

Thank you very much for your suggestions. Vesion 5.1 offers partial solution or a workaround.

  1. In Reverse Engineering Wizard you can choose if you want to divide object to workspaces by schema. That works for entities and views, of course (not for stored procedures and other objects that cannot be visualized on workspace)

  1. You can also use filter/search in Physical Model Explorer. Activate Full Names display mode to display schema names in physical model explorer, then click inside the physical model explorer to set focus to the component and then start typing schema you wish to use. It is not very user friendly (not obvious) and the UI will be improved in future versions. In any case, this way you can achieve the following:

One more recommendation: to easily find and navigate to desired object, use Quick Search.

Press CRTL+F to open the Quick Search form. Type chema name, dot and continue with object name. This feature is very powerful and you can quickly find objects, use wildcards there, if you use names with capital letters or if you use underscore chars in your database object names, type just the capital letters or the first letters after underscore char and you will get the result.

At bottom you can choose Edit or Find on Workspace (applicable for objects that can be displayed on workspace).

Good luck,