I'm trying to connect to the Toad from Azure cloud

I’m trying to connect Azure Oracle standalone database , came to know that we have to establish the tunneling connection to connect Toad. I did the below following things from the website support tunneling is successfully established however when I tried to connect tnsnames.ora, or Direct path or LDAP the toad is not connecting. Please advise me.

I was helping customer for a bit but since in support we don’t have this type of connection, we don’t fully supported. I successfully connected the tunnel using command line and Patty.

ssh -N -L 9999:ABCD_ssh:1521 username@server


(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = localhost)(PORT = 9999))

Every time we try to connect, we get like ORA-1541 or ORA-12514, but even tnsping fails, but I don’t recalled the message. However, in support we have little or no configuration document on proxy configuration. We don’t directly support it. In general, we state that if they can’t connect via sqlplus, then they can’t connect via Toad. Could you try sqlPlus and tell us what it does.


Could you find any updates?

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You might try service_name instead of SID in your tnsnames entry. Also, try including the domain if there is one.

Oh, and as far as I know, you have to spell out SERVER, for SERVER=DEDICATED. Not SRVR=DEDICATED.

Still not worked that connection

Thank you



Could you figureout the issue tunneling to connect the Toad

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I don’t think this is a Toad problem. I think you have something configured wrong, but I don’t know where.
Have you tried TNSPing or connect with SQL*Plus? If you can’t do that, then Toad won’t be able to connect either. If you need help, you might want to contact Quest support. This is just a forum, not an official support channel.

I figured out , we have to change service instead of sid.

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Could we touch base with you for connectivity?

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