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Import automation task to 5.0?


Upraged to 5.0. It prompted me on launch if I wanted to import automation tasks from 4.3. I selected yes, but it says I entered the wrong password and no option to re-enter password. I restarted 5.0 and the prompt doesn't come up again. How can I force the prompt or import automation task from 4.3 to 5.0?


Open up the Job Manager from Tools | Administer | Job Manager. On the tool bar of Job Manager is a tool button for changing your password. Next to this action is a migrate button. Migrate means to change all of your scheduled tasks to run using the version of TDP that you are running. This changes all of the paths in the task. So you might need to use one or both of the actions to fully upgrade all automation scripts to use the latest version and change your password.


Got it. Thanks!