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Import Views only

As the subject suggests, is there a way to import only views from a database to another? Thanks !

There are probably a few different ways you can achieve this in Toad, here is one… Select your views in the SB, R-click > Copy to another schema.

Hi, thank you so much for the response. Specifically, I have a dump file which composed of tables and views. Can I only import views only? Is there a wizard for this?

Oracle’s IMPORT utility does not allow you to specify which object types to import, but Datapump does. If you are using Data Pump, you can use the wizard in Toad for it (Database -> Import -> Data Pump Import) and on the filter tab, click “Add”. Scroll down near the bottom and you’ll see several filter types that start with the word “View”. Select all of them.

If you are using EXP/IMP and not datapump, Toad has an “Export File Browser” (Database -> Export -> Export File Browser) that you can use to extract the script for your views.