Import Wizard: automatially converts decimal to scientific notation from EXCEL as source

How can to prevent TOAD from "automatically" converting single (!) decimal numbers in one column with more than 2 decimalplaces ("0,00008") to scientific notation ("8e-005") when using Import Wizard and EXCEL table as source. Target column in DB is nvarchar(300). This problem does not appear when using CSV as source.

Did not say "hello" ... sorry about that ... but i'm little annoyed because of unclear behavior of TOAD import wizard ... it's not the firsttim this happens ... hope someone can help

It's ok... we'll say "hello" for ya.... welcome to the forum!

It appears that for any numeric value involving 5 or more decimal places, Toad uses scientific notation to "compactify" the result in your target nvarchar() column. If it's not important to keep that datatype, I would change the table's datatype to something like

[e.g. 20 places total, 10 places after the point]

to force the decimal places on import. You'll likely need to change the (20,10) part to meet your needs. Hope this helps.