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NUMBER getting rounded

Hi Folks … I created a table with column of datatype NUMBER(38) in

Then I entered a 30 digit number 123456789012345678901234567890.

And when I queried it I saw that it got displayed in scientific notation.

Then I went to Toad Options and unchecked the “ Display the large number
in Scientific Notation” and then it showed in normal way but the displayed
value got rounded to 123456789012346000000000000000

Can you please tell me what Toad setting should I use to display it without
getting rounded.


Shivanand Bharti

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Looks like the problem is not in the display, it’s in the insert.

I’m seeing precision get lost when using the grid to insert numbers that
large. Insert statements work well. if you insert the number with an insert
statement, the grid shows full precision.

This is a bug.

entered a 30 digit number 123456789012345678901234567890

Interesting puzzle. You didn’t mention which version of Toad you were on. The following is based on my being on Toad

I did as you did (perhaps) and created a tmp table with a column of number(38) entering the value identified. The “perhaps” part comes into the picture with regards how I did that. I performed those steps in SQL Plus.

I then entered Toad, made sure the scientific notation was disabled and selected from the table. I got the number exactly as entered.

So… what do you get if you enter the following from SQLPlus:

Select to_char(, ‘99999999999999999999999999999999999999’) from ;

If you get the same truncated result, then John has hit the nail squarely on the head I’m thinking.

Roger S.

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if you turn on spool sql, and edit the value in the grid you can see Toad insert
the truncated value.

edit the value in the grid

What… me modify data directly in the data grid? Bite your tongue… :slight_smile:

Call me old fashioned in that regard. I still issue inserts and updates to
modify data.

Roger S.