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Import Wizard Within Automation TDP 3.5



I noticed that if you edit a .tim within an automation script that it will not import data even when “import now” is selected.

This feature works as expected if you open the .tim and edit. (File > Open etc)


I have noticed that in prior versions as well. I think there is an assumption if you build it from automation you want to run it later (with the automation script). I actually prefer to build my imports from Tools/Import Wizzard and then add it later to my automation script even when I am in the automation. In prior versions it just behaved better. In 3.5 it does not seem to cause any problems anymore but it still not the full feature import wizzard as you see.


This is the first time I have upgraded since 3.2 pro so I haven’t noticed this in other releases. I think it could have been an assumption on the developers part, however, if this is the case the option shouldn’t be available when editing through automation.

Personally I would love to see to the ability to right click an automation step and run just the selected not the entire script. The “enabled” feature is too slow.


Enable/Disable is the only way I know to do that in automation. Of course Tools/Import/Execute works pretty fast.