Include in the Session Browser info about the blocking session

In a multi-user environments session locks and waits are very common.

So when my session is waiting for a resource (for example, trying to update a table row that someone else is updating and haven't yet commited), I wanna know ASAP which session is blocking me.

(Maybe it is my own session previously not killed properly because of when SQLnav crashed :) :P)

Anyway this info is available right here:

SELECT s.blocking_session blocking_session_id
  FROM v$session s
 WHERE sid = 8297; -- My Session

May this kind of info be included somewhere in the Session Browser?

It would be very helpful.

It got me into headache once hearing anything about Nav crash :(

Anyway, I have raised ER SQLNAV-1574 for this idea. Let's see if we could do it for you. :)