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Session Browser - session Locks not showing all info


The Locks tab is not showing Owner, Object type, and Object name values for DML row locks. The Blocked and Blocking locks tabs are not displaying respective info. (FYI, this is not new with 12.8)

Also, I’ve noticed that the Refresh (secs) and Refresh checkbox are gone and window appears to be auto-refreshing without any way to control it. This is new with 12.8


The refresh controls have been moved to the dropdown under the refresh button.

I’ll look at the locks stuff soon.


Thanks. I thought it odd that the refresh controls would be removed but hadn’t noticed there was a dropdown


To make some locks, I made two SQL*Plus sessions, each trying to update the SCOTT.EMP table.

The only thing I see missing, is in the rows for the “Transaction” lock type, it doesn’t have lower, object name, object type, etc, but in this case, that info isn’t available from the query. That info is in the “DML” lock type rows.

I don’t see anything missing in the “Blocking locks” or “Blocked locks” tabs.

If you are seeing something different, can you post some screen shots? Thanks.


I’m never seeing Owner, Object type, and Object name for DML

For the session that is Waiting, I see Blocking info. For the session that has the row locked, I don’t see any info in Blocking or Blocked panes, and my assumption is I should see info in Blocked pane.


OK, the missing object info on the top grid is fixed for next beta.

As for the blocking/blocked grids, for me, those only populate when you click on a row above it with a lock type of 'Transaction". The DML lock type rows won’t show blocked/blocking. This is because of the lock_id1 and lock_id2 values returned by the query in the top grid (we don’t show those values). If you see something different for these, let me know.


That is what I’m seeing now when I click on the Transaction lock…

Interestingly, the object info displays correctly on the Locks tab at the top of Session Browser. I’ll look forward to seeing it on the Session detail locks pane.