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IniTrans for tables and indexes not reflected in schema browser's script tab


I’m now on Toad for Oracle Beta (and very happy it’s no longer crashing :wink:

Anyway, I changed a table’s initrans (and it’s indexes, too).
Yet, when inspecting results on the schema browser’s Script tab (for the table object) the initrans values did not show, neither for the table, nor for the indexes.

Is the non-default value left out on purpose?

Thanks in advance,
Abe Kornelis

Click the first toolbar button on the script tab. In the dialog that appears, click the “Storage Objects” tab. Make sure “Storage clause” is checked and “Tablespace only” unchecked.

If that’s not it, look in dba_tables and dba_indexes to see what values oracle is storing for these objects. It may be that whatever value you are setting is being ignored by Oracle because of some tablespace setting.


thanks, it was indeed my setting.

That’s an easy fix - sorry for bothering you.


It’s no bother, glad I could help.