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Install oracle 8i on windows 10 OS (x64)

How can I install oracle 8i on windows 10 OS (x64)?

I want to install drilling office 3.1 (program of schlumberger for drilling) and it needs oracle 8i!

I have tried it for several times but I couldn't do it yet! Actually at last step of installation, when I choose "Perform typical configuration" in window "Net8 Configuration Assistant", the installation progress stops and hangs, so I must close it from task manager.

Could you guide me, please?!

If I recall correctly, the only thing that step does is create your tnsnames, sqlnet, and listener.Ora files, which you can do manually.

Try creating them manually and see if you can start the database and listener

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Thank you John,

But, how can I do it (create them manually)? I don't know.

Thanks for guiding me. After many tries I had no hope that it would be right.

Send me an email at I'll reply to it with my files from my 8i installation.

You'll need to change some values like hostname and service name, but at least you'll know what they are supposed to look like.

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Thank you John,

I sent you an email with the subject "Install Oracle 8i on windows 10 (x64) - KooroshKabiri".

Thanks for guiding me.