Interaction between filter and saved query

Good morning TOAD team,

This is not an issue, just an observation.

I have a named query modification, Shortened best, that has no where clause, so any filter works with it.

I wanted to combine a filter and the named query. To do so I must edit the where clause with a comment or spaces to get it to be part of the new named query, Otherwise, I have 2 named queries that are identical, except in name.


Yeah, the Schema Browser data tab named queries and filters are not super compatible. It's best to choose one or the other.

The idea behind that filter dialog is that it is there for people who aren't good at editing SQL (or would rather use the GUI).

The view/edit query dialog is more for power users. Anything could go in there. If I tried to let them comingle, bugs would surely result.

If you want to go from filter to query, I'd suggest:

  1. set the filter (I guess this is already done)
  2. Hit view/edit query to get the SQL text.
  3. Modify it as needed and Save/Name it
  4. Delete the filter (assuming you'd use the named query from that point forward)