Invisible or cut-off mirrored postings - a possible clue

I am primarily using the site to access these forums. But quite often I have to go to the Yahoo group instead, because parts or all of a post shows up empty on the toadfororacle site.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed this. But the last couple of times it has happened, I have noticed something which might help in resolving this problem: It seems to always happen when the post contains two consecutive dashes. For an example, see the starting post of the thread “Formatting Types” by walter_weinmann on the Toad Beta discussion forum. On, I see as the last couple of lines the following:


But when I check on Yahoo, I can see that following the two pipes and the space in the last line is a long series of dashes (followed by more lines containing the example code we were supposed to see).

I’ve seen similar situations before in other problem posts.

My theory is that some software component somewhere in the conversion/mirroring setup does not know how an RFC-compliant signature separator looks (LF, dash, dash, space, LF - and all of those are significant, although it may be necessary to cater for brain-dead applications by allowing the space - but not the following LF - to be omitted), so it just looks for any occurrence of two dashes and cuts off anything from that onwards.

Maybe somebody could have a look at this process? It would be really great to be able to read all posts on one site.


It looks like also two consecutive line feeds can trigger the “cut off”; see e.g. John Dorlon’s reply from June 28th in the beta forum thread “ - Import Table Data problems”, starting with “Going back to the original post:”. After this line, there are two blank lines, and in the Yahoo Groups interface, the rest of the message is then shown, but not in the interface.