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Forum Feedback - Code section problems

Sorry about a new posting, there doesn't seem to be a "feedback" link on the form - or I'm too blind to see it! :wink:

When there are code sections in forum posts, when they get emailed out, the code is squashed and each code line tends to be superimposed on the line above. The spacing between lines needs to be increased for code sections:

This posting of mine has code in it, [Error] Execution (1: 1): ORA-01403: no data found ORA-06512: at line 5, it resembles this in Thunderbird:


Other code listing from numerous posters have the same problem, even on a two or three line code section.

Norm [TeamT].

I'm not seeing the lines compressed (I have Chrome, but displays ok in other browsers too, like FireFox).

Might this issue be due to windows font sizing, or browser display zoom?

Morning Gary,

Sorry if I wasn't clear Gary, the problem is not in the browser, that's perfect. It's in the emails that get sent out from the forum. The screen shot in my posting was exactly how it looked in the email I received - all squashed.

I'm using Thunderbird - the latest version - on Linux Mint 19. It displays fine in plain text, but in HTML format, it is squashed.

I've just looked at the source code for the HTML mime part in the message and I see this:

<code style3D"display: block; background-color: #f1f1ff; padding: 5px;;  
background-color: #f1f1ff; line-height: 50%; padding: 2px 5px;">

I suspect the line-height: 50% style is the culprit.

Caveat: I know enough CSS to be dangerous!


Norm. [TeamT]

Ah, thanks for clarity... line height at 50% does sound like it would be an issue... hopefully those crafting the bodies of the e-mails will take note...

That said, I'm seeing this effect in either Chrome or FF, at least for me. FYI

Hi Gary,

It's perfect in the browser, I agree. It's only the HTML version of the email that shows up the problem.

Norm. [TeamT]