Is it possible to assign aliases to tables in Toad such that Toad would use those instead of the table full names when it generates joins, for instance?


When I type queries in the editor, in particular joins, the editor shows in the code completion options for joining with different tables. This is very good. But when I select a join, Toad adds the full table name and it also prefixes the column names with the full table name.

I usually like to use aliases for tables and I was thinking that it would be nice if there was a way to assign an alias to a table in Toad, so next time when Toad adds a join it uses that alias instead of the full table name.

If Toad doesn’t support this yet, can I request this feature? What do you think?


Update: I posted this idea:


Thank you very much for you suggestion. In ToadforSQLServer 6.6 version, we add some new options for alias. Toad can generate alias automatically.

Would you like to try 6.6 Beta version? Hope this can help you.

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How do I get the beta version? And on a scale from 1 to 10 how stable is it?


Hi Costab,

You can get a beta version from the below link, we usually update a new beta in 30 days.

For now, Toad have already add auto assign aliases to table (Options|Editor|Code Completion|Aliases|Enable the option)

Next beta, It will be more stable on auto assign, We fix some issues after current beta.

But it not support well when Inner Join\Left Join\Right Join\Join, we still need some time to improve this.

Beta Link:



I am going to wait until 6.6 is officially released. Do you know when that will happen, roughly? September, October?

Thank you

I just wanted to emphasize one more thing, it would be nice if Toad allows the user to specify tables aliases manually, in case he/she doesn’t like the automatic alias generated by Toad. You now, right-click in the object Explorer on a table, and provide an option, ‘Table Alias’, and when selected display a simple dialog to assign the desired table alias.

Hi Costab,

Toad for SQL Server 6.6 will be release very soon. Maybe in Apr or May.

The requirement you mentioned, we already have a function to allow user specify object aliases manually (Object Explorer|Database|Synonyms). I think we can add
an option to allow user use these specify aliases if they don’t like the auto aliases, how do you think?