Is there a way of getting back from hand cut sql to a diagram

I am using Toad for DB2

I usually cut my SQL by typing it but have started making use of the diagram based SQL provided with the tool. Is there a way for me to refresh the diagram after hand cutting or hand modifying the SQL? It currently seems to me that the diagram can’t be refreshed one the SQL has been modified.

Thank you.

Hi David,

In the SQL tab, right click and select Visualize Query. There’s also a toolbar button.

Please tell us how it goes,

That worked rather well thank you. Just one small point though (on a very basic query initially). When I typed in a ‘WHERE’ clause, instead of the logic of the WHERE appearing under the appropriate column, a ‘GLOBAL WHERE CLAUSE’ shape appeared in the graphical display. The WHERE clause is held within it.

Sorry for the delay with this response but I had been working on other things for a few weeks including Christmas break from work.