Is there any way to make disjoint and overlapping, and supertype and subtype in Toad Modeler?

From VIsio 2013, they discontinued Disjoint and Overlapping symbols. I don’t think I can find anywhere other than visio 2010 right?

Toad Modeler has that kind of things?

Hello Jay222,

In Toad Data Modeler, we call that subtype and supertype thing (you’ve mentioned above) the inheritance. You can create inheritance in Logical model (File -> New -> Model -> Logical Model; for further information about Logical model, take a look into our help and search in Index for term “Logical Model”).

You can also switch notation to get similar symbols as in Visio (View -> Notation -> IDEF1X)

About Disjoint and Overlapping symbols: As I said we use IDEF1X notation and those don’t exist there ( ).

Have a nice day, Michal.