Update model from database question


Firstly, I want to thank you for making TDM a pleasant tool to work with.

I have a question with regards to the Model Update Wizard.

Please take a look at the screenshot. Is there a way to make the wizard ignore the column positions when comparing the fields?

In my case I unchecked all the selections, then I checked only the 3 columns for update. I would have liked Toad to ignore the EmployeeTypeID column.

Also I don't see any foreign key references.

Side notes:

  • TDM crashed the first time when I unselected all the differences, however, subsequently there were no other crashes, fortunately.
  • TDM reports changes in the columns order (in the Attributes Order node) and it presents two huge comma separated column names (the table has a lot of columns) at the bottom of the screen. It would be very useful to present a diff coloring to see exactly what's different in the order of the columns.
  • I noticed something interesting in the column order. I have a table I modeled with TDM ( I created the table by generating the sql script with TDM). When TDM compares the column order between the SQL table and the table in the model, it places an FK field in the TDM model on the last position while in the SQL table is in the right place - exactly as it was modeled. I would have expected the columns order to be identical.
    Please note that I use on the physical models and SQL Server 2008 as the back-end rdbms.


Hi Costa,

thank you a lot for you feedback but going back to your question. The reason why the model update wizard ignores the column position is that you’ve probably reversed or select just the child table without the parent so the wizard lacks information that “EmployeeTypeID” is FK in this entity and is unable to pair them. The solution is just leave it unchecked in the wizard or select and reverse this table together with a parent table (relation).

The idea to highlight the changes in the attribute order is nice so I will create an enhancement issue.

I am not able to reproduce the error with unselecting the differences. Please could you send us the eurekalog with the error or describe the step to reproduce this crash in more details?



Next time it crashes I will use the Send error feature.