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Issue with backspace

Hi All, using Toad 13.1. This morning I encountered an issue that I never encountered before. When using backspace to delete, instead of delete I get a BS word. See below

It's most likely a Windows update issue. There is another post about this as well. Here's an older post with some options to try. Let us know if this works. If not, you can try resetting your user files as well.

Hi, The issue only happens on Toad. My backspace and up and down key is working without issue on word, excel, text pad, note pad, sqlplus etc. I looked into Method 1, Turn off Sticky Keys & Filter Keys, and both Sticky Keys and Filter keys are in Off position.
Have not had issues in years and it popped up couple of months ago, I would assume after an upgrade but not sure what upgrade to my work laptop took place. Since this is not a global issue and only impacts Toad can there be a Toad specific solution. One of the old posts from 2009 said to remove PLSQLKEYS.BIN from client files but I did not find such file. I am currently using 13.1.

Thanks again.

Prabha, did you resolve this issue? My keyboard is doing crazy things, it's repeating the last key after I do a copy/paste. If I ctrl+C, the next time time I press a key in the keyboard, it will just put in the letter "C" or if I execute a command, it will repeat it again as soon as I type something. Frustrating.


Thanks John! I have 13.3 but downloaded 14.0 since I can't uninstall the citrix workspace app. It's working for me now. :upside_down_face:

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