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Upgrade to Windows - backspace key not working

My laptop had a small upgrade to Windows last night. When I opened Toad - (I have version 13.1) the screen display BS when I hit backspace key. I found a link with directions to delete PLSQLKEYS.BIN from user directory. But, I do not have that file and I can't find it anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That file doesn't exist in version 13.1. I'm not sure why you're getting BS when you hit the backspace key though. The guy who would know is out this week.

Resetting user files will probably solve it. Directions to do that are here: Toad for Oracle not working after in place upgrade to Win 10 (Skip the part about reinstalling Oracle client, you can leave that alone)

Have you been able to resolve the issue? Did resetting your user files work? This is most likely due to a Windows update and I found an older post that may help resolve the issue, if you want to try them. Please let us know if any of these solutions work.

I have the same issue with the same version of TOAD, plus none of the arrow keys are working either. It is working fine for all other applications. I opened SR with Quest Support, and they also suggested to reset user files. I did that, but it didn't help. If it was Win 10 upgrade, why would the backspace and arrow keys stop working only for TOAD?

Hi Alex,

I wish I knew. Deleting user files should get you to the state of a fresh install. So if it worked before, and the state of your PC is the same, then it should work now, right?

But we know that the state of your PC isn't the same. A windows update changed something. The problem is that we don't know what changed. :frowning: So I'm not saying that Toad is completely innocent here - I mean, if every other app can still backspace, then Toad should also be able to backspace. We just don't know what the cause is, yet.


Thank you John.

The other suggestion from Quest Support was to reinstall TOAD, as a last resort.

But, as you said, deleting user files got me to the state of a fresh install. Does it even make sense to contact our tech support and ask them to re-install TOAD? Or maybe it is still worth to try, what would you suggest?


Reinstall rarely fixes anything. Resetting user files almost always takes care of that kind of thing.

Did you have just a minor windows update? If so, is it possible to temporarily roll it back to see if that gets Toad working again? If that does solve it, then let me know the update number and then I can try to figure out MS changed with it. The weird thing is that I probably got the same update as did thousands of others but I can still backspace and I guess most of them can too or we would have heard this from a lot more users.

Or, if you are on maintenance, which I guess you are since you contacted support - install Toad version 13.3 and see if it happens there too. You can keep 13.1 installed.

I agree, it is weird. The other DBA I am working with did not have that issue as of yet. My ordeal started, I think, on May 18.

We are working at pretty big corporation and I am sure we are getting the same Win updates. I will let you know if our tech support will allow to roll them back temporarily.

Here are my Windows details...

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise N
Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363

I just checked for updates and I'm on the latest of everything; no updates found. I am unable to reproduce problems with keyboard. I am running this machine through VMWare Workstation.

Can you share information about your region and locale settings? Language, keyboard, etc. Also, are you running Windows on the machine directly or through some virtualization like VMWare, Virtual Box, etc.?

Unfortunately, we cannot install any new software, it has to be done by tech support, and ver. 13.3 is not available to us yet. But I just found out that my co-worker with the same TOAD version have win 10, version 1809, and I have win 10, version 1803.

I will call our tech support to get me the same windows version, maybe this will fix it.


I'm on Windows 10 version 1909.

I have Windows 10 Enterprise ver. 1803. I recently sent to Quest my Support Bundle file, and I was told that developers are looking into it, but they didn’t find anything and asked me to reset user files, which didn’t help.

It looks more and more that this is the windows upgrade issue. I just found out that my co-worker with the same TOAD version have win 10, version 1809, and I have win 10, version 1803.

I will call our tech support to get me the same windows version, maybe this will fix it. Will let you know.

and I was told that developers are looking into it

yeah, that's us. :slight_smile:

Did you by chance try any of the options in that link I sent - specifically options 1-3. I don't know why it would make a difference, but they seem harmless, so you could at least try them. Maybe somehow an update corrupted one of your drivers like the article mentioned. Are you by chance using a different keyboard than the one your other DBA uses? It's a shot in the dark, but it may at least be worth a shot.

I’ve tried option 1 and I saw that Sticky and Filter keys were already off. I will ask tech support to re-install or update keyboard drivers.

We are working on a laptops, so keyboards might be different. But I didn’t replace my laptop and it was working fine until May 19th.