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Last DDL on Package Body

Hi, using Toad, Oracle, Schema Browser, looking at my package body, specifically, the "Last DDL" date/time that displays above the source. When I recompile the package, then click the "Refresh the detail panel (right side of browser)" button, the source code changes correctly.

But, the Last DDL time for the package body flashes the updated time, and then reverts back to the previous time. Is that a bug?

It seems like one, but I haven't been able to reproduce it. Maybe I am missing a detail in your steps to reproduce it.

Where in Toad are you recompiling the package? I am just right-clicking it in the Schema Browser and choosing "Compile"

I am compiling outside of Toad -- using SQL Plus. I use Toad only to monitor things in the database. I have the package body source code displayed in the right pane, compiling alternating versions of the package from SQL Plus. Clicking the refresh detail button switches to the latest source code, but the date/time flashes to the new time, then back to the original time.

If you use either of the refresh buttons on the left of the buggy one, it clears out the source code display, and when you navigate back to the package body, the date/time is correct.

I was testing changes to my package, installing a version with debugging code, then going back to the non-debug code.

Oh, ok that makes sense. The schema browser does cache some data. I think the LHS cache is not being updated with the new date/time when you refresh just RHS. I'll fix. Thanks.

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It is curious that the display flashes the new time, then replaces it with the old.