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Launch Failure when script executed by Task Scheduler

I recently moved from TDP 4.0 to 5.1. When scheduling my .tas files I am getting a launch error from Task scheduler. When I look at the property>actions tab I can see that the path list in the details is incorrect. My toad.exe file is not located in the folder indicated. When I edit and browse to the correct location it inputs the path inside quotation marks. When I remove them it truncates the path. No matter what changes I make the end result in a failure to launch the toad application/script from the Task Scheduler.

Can anyone help?

Guessing here, but had you already upgraded the TAS file from within your new TDP version?
New versions of TDP typically need to upgrade any automation jobs before executing.

I have had same problem with Windows Task scheduler.
Now, i use to edit task manually to check paths or create multiple tasks like this.

When red : with "quotation marks"
when green : without "quotation marks"

You can :

  • export task to desktop or somewhere else

  • edit the.xml file with text editor like notepad++

  • check xml tag at the end of file, you may have something like that :slight_smile:

  • delete task in scheduler, then, re-import the edited task.

For me, it works fine. and i can duplicate tasks or change paths manually when needed...