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LDAP DROP DOWN is not working

Hi can anyone help me and explain how i get the LDAP Descriptor dropdown menu to show connections.

I can connect to databases but the drop down is blank/empty.

That dropdown looks at your ldap.ora file to find where the directory server is, then calls ORALDAPCLNTnn.DLL (where nn is oracle version no) to parse out the connections and add to the dropdown.

If you think that you have Ldap.ora configured right, then with Toad not running, you can edit Toad.ini, and add under the [SETTINGS] section:

(or whatever filename works for you).

Then save the file and exit. Now Toad will write it's progress to that file and that will help us find the problem.

Thanks John for the quick answer,

First where is ORALDAPCLNTnn.DLL located? Is it in the instant_client folder?

I have not added to the toad.ini file
and get this output:

Names.directory_path: (LDAP,TNSNAMES,EZCONNECT)
Port: 389
Port: 389
DefaultAdminContext: dc=xxx,dc=xx

OracleHomes.OracleHomePath: C:\oracle\instantclient_18_5
HomeList.Active.OCIFolder: C:\oracle\instantclient_18_5
Library Not Loaded:

Does this mean anything to you i have replaced some of it with x'ses

Hope we can get it to work, and very cool that you try to help me out thx :slight_smile:

The log tells me that it is not finding the DLL.

Looking at my installed oracle clients, I see that the DLL does not come with the instant clients. Only the full clients.