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Lexlib.lxl error

I have a client we upgraded to a new notebook. We also upgraded their version of toad. They went from 8.6 to 9.6. Did the whole process over again then from the previous post. Now on the opening screen “toad database login” I fillin the user/schema, password, select the database from the drop down “database”
when I click connect , I get the error “Prog files \ quest software\toad for oracle\user files \lexlib.lxl was not found , please contact Quest support”

Just a reminder – yahoo group is not tech support – but rather a
user community monitored by quest people. I’d recommend when anyone has
true “tech support” type issues that they call and log an issue
there first. Tech support is good at handling FAQ type issues and tracking more
complex problems. Yahoo group is an “informal” and “serve as
time permits” type forum – and there is no official follow through
(it’s up to users to read all threads and see when their questions are
answered or addressed). Again, just a reminder, posting here is OK if you can
live with the informal style/intent …

You should have LexLib.lxl present in the User Files subfolder of your
installation path. Mine is located here…

C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad 9.6\User Files\LexLib.lxl

If you do not have this then the upgrade did not go well and your installation
is corrupt. I am not 100% certain how you could accurately recover from this.
You could try a reinstall, but if that doesn’t work then a fresh new
install may be in order. After a full new install you could copy over some key
files from the old installation to the new before starting Toad.
Connections.ini, connectionpwds.ini, and Toad.ini would be good candidates. All
of the .SQL files are for proc templates. If the user has customized those in
the past, copy those as well, otherwise you can leave the defaults.
Templates.xml, Project*.* and ToadActions.* would also be useful to copy.

You will probably not have many of those files in the 8.6 installation so copy
any that you see from the above list.

An upgrade from 8.6 to 9.6 is not officially supported so if things don’t
work out well then you may need to perform a fresh install and start from


thanks Michael
after I posted that issue , I did some googling and found that with Vista, which the client has, there is an issue w/ the UAC and where the file lexlib.lxl ends up.

Yeah, we worked all of that out in recent versions. Running on of the latest
Toads should solve that. Toad 9.6 is old.

with win7 x64 and toad 9.6.1 I got the same problem. It is a problem since toad 9 and windows vista or superior version.

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle
click right on toad.exe
choose option “Run as administrator”

After that for each launch it is ok.

Another work-around is to turn UAC off in Vista, or all the way down in Win 7