Limit Toad taking all available memory

is there a way to restrict how much memory toad; how much memory toad can take;

We have toad installed on a citrix server; if one toad user decides to do a BIG query it eats up a lot of memory, thus impacting other non-toad users

Thanks in advance for any help on this

Short answer is there's no way to restrict memory usage for the TDP application itself, at least not that I'm aware of.

There may be a few things to consider that could ease the situation a bit:

  1. I'm not a Citrix guy, but get with your Citrix Admin. I believe there should be a way for the administrator to limit the amount of memory per Citrix workspace, or even for specific processes.

  2. There are some TDP options that may offer SOME relief where it concerns TDP's use of memory. In particular, check the TDP options to make sure initial row fetch counts are in place for both the Query Builder or the Editor. See screen snap below.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response; some users just dont worry about efficiency of their queries and export the stuff to excel where they drill down as required.
Those settings, is it possible to lock them down?