TDP resources and results group by

When I return a result set I use the group by box (dragging a column header). Sometimes when I do this it can take several minutes to complete and with newer Windows OS the application can appear to hang (form will grey out, unresponsive–but eventually the app will finish the function and respond). Instinctively when this occurs i open task manager to get a summary of resource utilization. If i monitor task manager while dragging a column header i can see where toad.exe ram usage will jump just a few megs and sit there until the function completes. When I say a few megs, in my testing today toad.exe was using 300mb before running the function and 330 megs while performing this function. I suspect this result function is performed on the retrieved information hence my inquiry.

Is there a setting for toad data point to use additional ram or for that function to run faster?

Is there a toad data point 64 bit version (i reinstalled and read that setup supports 64bit and 32bit os, but im not sure if that means the application is 64bit)?

How much ram does your toad.exe use (i rarely look but dont recall seeing a single instance consume more than 1gb) ?

Windows 10 64bit i7, SSD, 16gb ram

Toad Data Point Base mssql, sybase iq

Thanks :slight_smile:

We do have plans to release a 64 bit version of TDP at the end of this year/beginning of next year.