Load Project from Command Line

Is it possible to load a Action Project from the command line?

As developers might change their actions on their laptops and I want to run these action from a server.

Actions are stored in the file ToadActions.dat, in the user files folder for each installation of Toad.

So if you have Toad installed on multiple PCs, one install can't see or run another Toad's actions.

Just to be clear - you use the phrase "Action project". I think you are referring to what we call an "App". In my screenshot below, "App1" is an app. "Export Dataset1" and "Export DDL1" are Actions.

Anyway, you can right-click on either an app or an action and choose "create parameter file". You can then edit the file with notepad, then later, right-click the app again and choose "run with parameter file" to run the app/action with your changed settings. You can also run them from command line this way. Look in the help file under "Run actions from the command line" for examples.

Thanks John that did answer my question.

I am trying to build a DevOps process using Toad. Have most of the items working, and managed to get the app to run from the command line, which is a great tool btw. Pity we dont have a output from the command line.

I see also that passwords are stored in the user profile, so does this means that the Build Server will have to have all the passwords for the different environments on it? Or is it possible to send the password to the action via the parameter ini file? I did try this but it keeps failing.

I was using the format user/password@server:port:servicename. But it only works when I have the connection on the Build Server and use user@server:port:servicename

If you need to include service name, the syntax is:


My mistake yes I was using the format User/password@host:port/service_name but is was not working. The only connection string that works is User@host:port/service_name

From what I can figure out is that it used the User/password as the user and then fails

Also it is very hard to figure out what toad is doing with no logging. Is there a way to see that it does via the command line, as there does not seem to be a way to get this error from the command line

Oh I see. For Connection_1 and SourceConnectString_1, you have to stick with the format that was already present there in the parameter file. Those strings aren't there in the parameter file for making new connections, just for identifying saved connections. That's why it's not taking the password.

If you want to make a connection from command line, you can do it on the command line (not in the parameter file) like this:

toad.exe -c username/password@host:port/servicename

and if you also want to run an app/action:

toad.exe -c username/password@host:port/servicename -a "App1 | c:\parameterfiles\files\App1.ini"

Toad does have logging info for certain things, but it wouldn't have told you what was wrong in your parameter file.