How to remove a selected online redolog from LogMiner?


In, I’m using the wonderful bacon-saving LogMiner interface to create SQL to replay in another DB. I fire it up, accept the default Dictionary selection, then choose redo log #1 for the Files to Mine using the Find Files dropdown (online redo logs), then click Next. On that screen, I see from the SCN and Date Range that I selected the wrong redo log. Whoops.

So I click “Back”, remove redo log #1 file that I incorrectly selected, then choose redo log #2, again using the Find Files dropdown. I see that the Files to Mine text box has a blank line at the top where file #1 had been. When I click Next, the SCN and Date Range listed still includes redo log #1.

I can cancel and restart (no big whoop), but is there a way to delete a select file to mine without having to restart? My real life scenario involved selecting from 30 files to mine, so it was a little more involved than this.


Just click “Back” and edit that “Files to mine” box like it’s notepad.

hm, rereading - looks like maybe you did that. I’m about to stop for today but will take a closer look at this tomorrow.

OK, Rich - next beta, you can Multiselect and rt-click->remove (or just use the delete key) and Toad will call dbms_logmnr.remove_file to actually remove the files from the mining session.

I’ll give 'er a shot next beta…

Thanks, John!


Working great in .6! Thanks again, John!


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