Loss of information as a result of installing a version

IT installed a new version of Todd from version 14 to version 16.2 and since then all my information has disappeared such as the workspaces and connections.
How can I restored it?

Assuming the prior version's settings are still on disk at %APPDATA%\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle you can import them. Go to Manage User Settings from the Utilities menu and copy the settings from Toad 14.1.

First thanks for the answer
I tried it, the problem is that I don't see the Wokspace file in the directories neither in the backup of the uninstall nor in version 16.
Is it possible that during the uninstallation of the previous version and the installation of the new version the file was deleted?
Is there a way to restore?

Thank you

The workspaces file, workspaces.dat, is not removed during uninstallation. All of those folders there are left intact upon uninstall and _uninstalled is appended to the name so that prior versions' settings remain on disk for you to import from.

Search that entire directory for workspaces.* to see if any variant of the file is present, e.g. workspaces.err. Some of those files will have the file extension changed if there was an error loading the file, but this problem would have been present when using 14.1 and not something that could have occurred during uninstallation.

I searched all the directories for workspaces.* and also workspaces and found only one file from 2023 and it is from the new version and it is empty.
I also looked for *.sql files from 2023 that I know I saved, and I can't find them either.

The uninstaller will not remove files. When you install a new version of Toad the default behavior is to import settings from the previously installed version. During this process some files and folders will be removed. Workspaces and previously used connections are not removed. I am not sure what happened to these files or your .sql files. Your screenshot there shows that Toad 14.0 was installed at some point and removed last September. It was again installed and removed yesterday morning. It appears that 3.5 hours later it was installed or at least run again. This morning 16.2 was installed or run for the first time. Does that timing sound about right? What occurred yesterday between the uninstall of 14.0 and the subsequent reinstallation?

The IT department made some sort of refresh to the computer's operating system.
At this point I received a message when I started Toad in version 14 that I don't have a license and Toad closed. The IT department installed version 16 (probably uninstalled 14 first).
This is what I know happened. And when I entered version 16 it became clear to me that everything had disappeared.

Without knowing what your IT refresh means, in detail, I can only assume that it was destructive in some way. If Toad 14 reported that it was no longer licensed then the license datafile was cleared from your user profile. Your screenshot shows that some of Toad's appdata folders remained after this refresh, but you are missing files from it. I don't know how that came to be, but I assume the refresh is the reason.

If you cannot locate workspaces.dat or connections.xml files then there is no way to restore this data given the state of your machine. I would inquire with your IT department to see if they made a snapshot of the machine or something similar that you can go back to. Perhaps a Windows Restore Point or similar may be able to step you back in time to recover those files.

Indeed, this is what I asked the IT department to check, if there is any backup for the data.
Thank you very much for your willingness to help!