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MakeStripCode.dat error at startup, lost passwords

I'm using TOAD for Oracle When I launched today i got: Internal error: Cannot load information contained in C:<FullPath>MakeStripCode.dat.
C:<FullPath>MakeStripCode.dat. has been copied to C:<FullPath>MakeStripCode.err.

Now all my passwords are gone.
Can these be recovered?

The file that contains your connections should be located at C:Connections.xml. Does this file still exist and contain data? You may also have a backup of your latest User Files directory from a previous upgrade. It'd be one level higher in the directory with a _bak suffix and might contain a Connections.xml file that you could copy. The data may be otherwise lost.

Yes, the Connections.xml file exists but every connection is now set to


which was not the case last week.

I do have the old Connections.xml file from my previous TOAD version and the connections do have their saved passwords.



Just not my recent connections or their passwords.

How did all of my passwords get erased?

It's difficult to tell but by the error with MakeStripCode.dat but this may have had cascading consequences. Were any additional errors or exceptions displayed? If an exception with a call stack was displayed that would helpful in the diagnosis.

No, that was the only error message.

The message did state that it copied MakeStripCode.dat to MakeStripCode.err.

And there are two other err files (CodeSnippets.err and ToadActions.err) with the same time-stamp.

The forum won’t let me attach the files.