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Master-Detail Browser - schema independent?


Hi all,

I’ve recently been using the Master-Detail Browser - and very nice it is too.

Just wondering, is there a way to save a schema independent layout? I saved off a couple of useful layout configurations and was hoping to be able to open them in whichever schema I am using, however they seem to be locked to a particular schema by name.

I guess its a common thing to have several schemas with similar objects in them (e.g. dev, test, prod, different sites). It would save a lot of time configuring it every time a new one comes along.

Many thanks,



No way to do that at present, Kevin, but those .MD files are just text files so
they can be easily edited.

Two things you’d need to search and replace – schema +
‘.’ In the query text, and also tags like this:


Hi John,

Thanks for the info. Editing the files will be easier than reconfiguring the whole browser.