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Merge 3.7 Settings to 3.8 and Install Issues for 3.8

Hi, I have two questions. First, we are having difficulties installing toad data point 3.8 using the .msi from the TDP software site. We get the message that we don’t have the privilege to perform the installation and to login as administrator to install the product. It appears that Dell does have a known problem for this, but the solution they have posted doesn’t work. Have ya’ll seen any other folks with this issue and is there any known workaround?

Also, in the meantime, I went ahead and installed 3.8 using the .exe instead of the .msi for now. From previous versions though, it prompts me when I open for the first time if I’d like to merge the settings from the previous product to the new. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m only using the .exe or not, but it no longer gives me that option and I’m wondering where I go and can run that merge settings thing that pushes all my previous tasks, etc to the new version without having to do everything individually. Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch for your time.


On the privilege issue, I believe you need to lower your UAC level or simply right click and select Run as Administrator. This is a normal part of the operating system and is not a known problem.

Prompting you to migration your settings is triggered by NOT having a TDp 3.8 application directory. To trigger this behavior do the following:

  1. Start TDP 3.8 and using the Help \ About bog open up the Application Data Directory in windows exployer.

  2. keep the windows explorer window open and shut down TDP.

  3. Rename your TDP 3.8 directory.

  4. Restart TDP 3.8. It will ask you if you want to migrate your settings.

Debbie. Thanks so much. Both of these solutions worked great! I’ll make sure to keep this on hand for future versions. As always, your the best!