Missing Entries in Team Coding Menu

Hi all,

in the Team Coding Menu of my team colleagues two features are shown:

Push to remote
Pull from remote

In my TOAD, these two entries are missing. We all use the same TOAD

Has anybody a hint for me how I can get these two menu entries?

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It looks like those should just be enabled if your source control provider is configured in Toad as Git or Mercurial.

If that's what you're using and you still don't see it, let me know where in Toad your colleagues have this. Maybe it's just hidden by toolbar configuration or something else.

We are using Git, and for my colleagues, the menu shows like - see Upload 1:

For me, it shows like Upload 2:

The two entries are missing!

The code makes it look like as long as you have Git showing here:

Then those menu items should be visible. But maybe the toolbar is configured to have them still hidden.

Try this:

  1. right-click on the toolbar and choose "Customize toolbars"
  2. Go to the "Commands" tab
  3. Select "Team Coding" on the left and see if they are in there. If they are, drag them from the customize dialog up into the menu where you want them.
  4. If they are not there, look in [ All ] and see if they are in there (For me, they are almost all the way at the bottom. I resized the dialog a bit for this screenshot and scrolled to the very bottom on the right). If you find them there, drag them up to the menu.

Note: Also, you can type in the "Commands" box to locate an item.

Sorry for the delay John, I had some rainy holidays. Yeah, thanks for your hint, it worked!

Best regards

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