Missing filter dropdown in Session Browser

It appears that the Filter dropdown that used to be in 16.3 and earlier, is missing in 17.0.216.

Here is a combo image with 17 on the top and 16.3 on the bottom, with the filter box in the red box.

Is there a new option to show/hide this filter box?

Also, it appears that the filter IS still active, however. Because in the 17 session browser, I can't see KILLED sessions that I CAN see in 16.3. Prior to installing 17, I DID have a filter set to see only ACTIVE sessions, and it seems like it is still active even though the filter box is missing.


Hi Chris,

In 16.3 and prior there were 3 places to set filters in Session Browser.


In 17.0, they all still exist, but we moved one of them into the dropdown shown below, and moved it next to the "Limit" filter.


Ah, got it. I figured it had to have moved somewhere.

Thanks again for the quick reply and help!

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