Session browser doesn't show filter name anymore

Hello from Germany,

in TOAD 17, the name of the filter in the session browser isn't shonw anymore, which I regard as a great disadvantage. Ist ist possible to make the filter name visible again? At the moment I can only see the red filter icon.

Best regards,

Hi Rainer,

Hm, I didn't consider that when I combined the filter controls. I could put it on the status bar or the title bar. Would one of those locations work for you? Which would you prefer?

I guess if neither of those locations are great, I could put it above (or next to) the "Limit" controls, but that will make the entire toolbar taller and/or wider.

Hi John,

I think I would not like the Filter in the title bar :slight_smile: The status bar could be okay, up to TOAD 16.3 the position beside the filter icon was the best :slight_smile: For me it doesn't matter if the toolbar gets wider or taller.

Sorry for me being such a bean counter, but if my wife steals a piece of chocolate out of my sweets drawer, I realize that with one glimpse too :wink: And so I would like all TOAD controls I ever had, too.

No hurry :slight_smile:

Best regards from Germany

I'll play with it and see if I can get something that looks good. The problem with 16.3 and prior was that there were 3 places to set the filters in Session Browser, and they weren't even next to each other.

That sounds good!