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Monitoring use of a program to access my database



I know I can use the session browser to see which users are using which programs to access my database, but is there a way of seeing when a particular program was last used to access my database? for example using session browser I can see that I’m using Toad to access my database but I’d like to know if any other user of the database has used that program is the last x number of days and are not currently logged into the database.



There is some historical information about sessions in DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY, and some other DBA_HIST views (but if you view this data without having the Oracle Diagnostic Pack as part of your license, then you are violating your Oracle license).

Another way you could achieve this is set up LOGON trigger to collect logon information and insert it into a table. A google search should give you lots of examples on how to do this.