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Session/Table Lock History

Is there a way to see the history of session blocks caused by table locking? I can view current blocking sessions through the session browser, but would like to see a history if its possible. Thanks!

I’m sorry that your question was not answered in a timely manner. The history of past wait events is available in DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY but, of course, that needs a license for the Diagnostics Pack. If you’re not licensed for Diagnostics Pack, check out S-ASH (simulated ASH) at…/33-2.

If you are lucky and your ASH has content long enough that you need, here is the query:

SELECT distinct a.sql_id ,a.inst_id,a.blocking_session,a.blocking_session_serial#,a.user_id,s.sql_text,a.module
where a.sql_id=s.sql_id
and blocking_session is not null
and a.user_id <> 0 —- exclude SYS user
– and a.sample_time > sysdate – 7

Then with sql_id (determined by instance with inst_id) find that SQL code.

Hope this helps.