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More descriptive "Your password has expired" popup

One of our users has requested that the “password expired” popup window display which connection it is referring to. He had a situation where his PC was rebooted while many Toad editor sessions were open. When restarting Toad and selecting many recovery docs, he got the “password expired” popup and had no idea which of his connections had the issue. He has “Save Pwd” for all his sessions.

On a somewhat related note, I would love to be able to disable Toad Password Saving for certain high-privileged accounts for all of our Toad users. Has this ever been considered or would it even be possible, since each Toad user has control of their own Toad Options? I realize each user can choose to enable or disable password saving by connection, but most just turn it on within the Options so it’s on for all connections.

good idea about the password expired dialog. I’ll add User@Database in there somewhere.

As for disabling password saving for high privileged accounts on specific databases, - there is a “password saving” item in Toad Security, but the high privileged accounts would be able to turn that off anyway, so it would be easy for them to work around. I don’t have any good ideas on how to achieve this at the moment, but I’ll keep thinking about it.