Multiple Automation Tasks running Simultanously

I am using Toad Data Point version Base Edition. I work for a medical practice and have several Automation tasks that run multiple times each hour throughout the day monitoring various database entries to alert myself and others to conditions that need correcting. Periodically, at least two would run at the exact time and cause an error. This has been identified as a defect but I am trying to change my tasks to get around this condition.

Automaton Task #1 - runs every 3 minutes and actually runs 4 different tasks every day. One of the tasks is an alert when our interfaces to lab vendors, etc quit working and therefore is critical that it runs and runs often.

Automaton Task #2 - runs two hours (currently Mon - Fri starting at 9:10 for 9 hours but days and time could be adjusted but do not want to run as often as Task #1)

Automaton Task #3 - runs every hour (currently Mon - Fri but could run every day for 10 hours but days and time could be adjusted but do not want to run as often as Task #1)

I am looking for suggestions how to best set this up because I have more automation tasks to create that will run at various intervals.

Possiblity #1: Set task #1 to start running on the hour and then time Task #2 to run on the 58th minute of each hour. Time task #3 to run on the 55th minute of each hour.

Possiblity #2: Have a single automation task call each of the tasks. The master automation task would loop in itself on a continuing basis and run the various tasks as needed.

Possblity #3 : ??

What is the error you are running into? I have several scheduled tasks set up on our server and I am sure some start running when others are already running and I have never seen an error, but the server is still on 3.1

Are you getting that we cannot access the connections.xml file as it is being used? Or what error are you getting?