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mysqld.exe - What's the deal?

So I recently upgraded to TDP 3.6 - and all of a sudden, mysqld.exe - which has always been present as a part of the TDA/TDP install - is suddenly using 460,704K of system RAM.

In previous versions it never used more than 40K or so, so this sudden jump in RAM usage is perplexing, and it’s causing some severe performance issues on my machine, as I’m already limited on RAM due to other applications I have to have running.

I was planning on upgrading the rest of my team to TDP 3.6, but there is no way I can do that if this is the kind of performance we can expect.

Last but not least - what IS mysqld.exe even for? I do not, nor have I ever used a MySQL database with TDA or TDP…

MySQLd.exe is for local storage. There is a different configuration in TDP 3.6 so that is does use more resources. You can change this by going into Options | Local Storage and changing the Buffer pool size to something smaller, like 256k, etc. You should not see mySQL.exe running unless you use local storage. Do you use local storage?

Hi Debbie,

Currently the Options | Local Storage | General has the ‘Buffer pool size (MB)’ set to the default of 256 - which is much less than the 450 MB (460,704 K / 1024 K = 449.90625 MB) currently in use by the mysqld.exe process.

I’ve never used ‘Local Storage’ in the past - as far as I was aware, that was a Pro option only and we’ve only ever used Basic since the versions were split. Apparently a trial Pro license was installed when I installed 3.6 - will removing the Pro license kill the mysqld.exe usage?

There’s also another process - hubproxy.exe - that I think also came with 3.6 that is using 103,764K of RAM - I’m currently idling and 82% of my physical system RAM is in use - over half of it by TDP 3.6…

The pro and base versions do now use the same installer. But just starting TDP with Pro license does not start Local Storage. I just tried it. The hubproxy is a companion process of Local Storage. Shut down TDP and manually kill the mysqld and hubproxy processes. Then restart TDP and see if they start again.

It looks like Intelligence Central also causes this problem. I had an old trial version installed that I forgot to uninstall. I just removed this and the mysqld and hubproxy programs stopped running and using tons of RAM.


I am having the same issue with 3.6.1 Pro. I do not use the Local Storage or MySQL and have the Buffer Pool Size set to the lowest setting allowed which is 128 MBs. I am not sure what pattern creates the mysqld.exe and hubproxy.exe processes but they take too much RAM (480 MB and 130 MB). And if you add the RAM that TDA takes (250 - 400 MB) for even simple queries then it becomes a real resource issue. I noticed that the DB2 Cross-Connection SQL Editor consistently starts the two processes above which may help troubleshoot. They start the moment I open that type of Editor. I do not remember these performance issues with TDA 3.4, but do not know for sure. Hope this helps.

Cross Connection needs to start up the mysqld.exe. We us this to execute the Cross-query. In TDP 3.6 we change how it allocates memory but your setting it to 128 MB is all we can do to cut it down. What operating system and RAM do you have? Today it is common to have 8GB RAM but somehow I suspect you do not.

I went over this with several architects here. The consensus is that if you want to use local storage, Cross-Connection query or any of the BI Connections you will need to able to tolerate the extra 500 MB for mysqld and 50+ MB for the hubproxy. It is the minimum requirements for these features. It is my error for not having this documented in the release notes.