Nav 6.X and VPNs

Hello all,

I like SQL Navigator 6.2 a lot and when in office it is my main work tool, but when in the field or at home the performance when working via VPN access, using a 1Mbps, connection is horrid. Just trying to type in the sql editor is a painful task even though I turn off code completion. For this reason I keep version 5.5.4 installed since using it under the same off site conditions is a much more enjoyable experience.

I would very much like to see a “Low Bandwith” mode added or just plain increase performance and reduce background processing.


Hi Rony,

We will investigate what causes the slow performance when working via VPN. In my opinion, this may be related to the way we handle the mouse and keyboard events. We do not plan to introduce a ‘Low Bandwidth’ mode, but we will look how to optimize Code Editor for better performance across VPN.


Thanks a lot! I’ll look forward to any advances on this.

Hi Sanchez

I would suggest that you disable the auto-code completion features when using VPn with low-bandwidth.


I keep auto-code completion off when in those conditions and it doesn’t help much.